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What are the Benefits of Living in the Mountains?

Golden BC Explored: What are the Benefits of Living in the Mountains?

City living can be intense, full of ads, people, work, smog, and commutes. In our new reality mountain
living can be achieved with all of the benefits, and none of the drawbacks.

What is Golden BC Known for?

Flanked by six of Canada’s most stunning parks: Mount Revelstoke, Kootenay, Jasper, Banff, Glacier, and
Yoho. Golden BC is a visually stunning mountainous destination in North America that is not getting the
attention the town deserves. With Kicking Horse above you, and the Columbia river below there is no
shortage of sights to see.
The truth is, some city dwellers have never experienced the magic of watching the sunrise and set.
Conversely, those who live in Golden open their windows every day to the expansive open sky, fresh,
crisp air, and a calming stillness that melts your troubles away.

What to Know Before Moving to the Mountains:

  1. The water is purer and air cleaner
  2. Communities are tight-knit, creating healthy relationships is easy
  3. Life is less stressful in the mountains
  4. Life is cheaper and safer in the mountains
  5. Less traffic
  6. Lots of sporting activities
  7. Healthy living
  8. Beauty
    What is it like living in Golden BC according to locals?

Goldenites say that “People who live here never want to leave.” Most of the young people flooding into
Golden are home-based workers. On the surface, there is nothing special about that. However, the
welcoming nature of the local community means that you will soon find opportunities in politics, boards
and committees, community service, at schools, and other places you didn’t have access to in your city
life. That’s what small towns are about, community living, where you feel like you belong.

A Simpler life in Golden BC

Golden BC is a small town. Because of that, the mountain living won’t appeal to everyone. However,
those of you who prefer a simpler life, you will feel right at home in Golden, why?

With a cost of living nearly half of what it is in Vancouver, and the ability to have the endless outdoors at
your fingertips. Golden is destination living. If your idea of a fun weekend includes any of the following,
then this is the place for you:
 Paragliding.
 Hiking
 Kayaking
 Mountain biking.
 Rafting
 Cross country skiing
 Rock climbing
 Country drives
Nature is the greatest attraction

Golden is one of the few un-spoilt natural attractions in North America. That means it is a place that
connects you with nature and the challenges of living there are not that hard to overlook. Yes, life is
slow here, but maybe that’s what you and your family need at the moment!

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