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Zimmerman Construction

Zimmerman Construction

Our goal is to make everything just right so when it’s finished you wouldn’t change a thing.

Complete Project Management

Our competent crew and network of skilled tradesmen, design professionals and material suppliers ensures the success of your project. There is a master carpenter on all our builds, all day every day, until it is finished. From log buildings to timber frame, energy efficient to Green Homes, we will manage every last detail of your project. We will look after your property from raw piece of land until we hand you the keys.

You Are in Good Hands

We start with a detailed budget and keep discussing it throughout the build so we can keep a close eye on your project’s bottom line.

We are Committed to You

We ensure that our clients enjoy the building process as much as we do. You’ll start with meeting one of our design professionals to lay out a home that fits your lifestyle as well as your budget. Of course, we are happy to work with an architect or designer of your choice, too. From the finished plan, we provide a detailed, transparent budget and timeline so that you can see how much each component will cost and when you can expect to see it finished.


Some of our clients want a nice simple home without a lot of bells and whistles. In these cases we focus on a functional floor plan that suits their lifestyle. Keep the complexity to a minimum, use standard 2X6 construction and mid level finishing materials. The goal here is to produce a nice affordable home for our clients.

Timber Frame

We specialize in and love timber frame homes, thankfully so do many of our clients. Timber homes are both beautiful to look at and structurally superior to standard homes. For those who want a high-end mountain home Timber frame is the way to go.

Energy Efficient

These homes, whether Net Zero, Passive House or just above building code, use less or even no energy! They are more comfortable to live in and take less of a toll on the environment. For the ultimate home, we can build you an energy efficient timber frame to get the best of all worlds.


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